On December 31, Red Star News learned from the League Committee of Yangzhou University that a number of students at the university had been infected with tuberculosis in recent times, but had been fully controlled. It is understood that tuberculosis is a class B infectious disease, transmitted through the respiratory tract, extremely infectious.


December 26, Weibo topic # Yangzhou University tuberculosis # caused concern, a number of self-proclaimed students of the university netizens said that recently Yangzhou University thin West Lake campus found a number of students infected with tuberculosis. Around 16 a.m. on the same day, some netizens posted a screenshot of a qqchat conversation on weibo, saying that the school had responded accordingly and that provincial, municipal and district disease control departments had been involved.


The screenshot shows that recently, yangzhou university thin west lake campus found a few cases of tuberculosis diagnosed students, under the guidance of provincial, municipal, district disease control departments, the school has taken the initiative to take effective measures. In addition, the school will be under the professional guidance of the CDC department, further active prevention and control, active prevention and control.


\"We don't see the announcement, we live it up every day. A student from the school's thin west lake campus told red star news that since the news that a number of students had tuberculosis, the number of students in public places such as school libraries, canteens, study rooms and so on has plummeted, and almost everyone in the school is wearing a mask.


On december 31, the red star news reporter as a student's family member from yangzhou university school regiment committee office verified that the net transmission epidemic is true, thin west lake campus has several students infected with tuberculosis, but the situation has been fully controlled. \"The school has arranged for the necessary students to be examined. The colleges involved in the outbreak have also carried out comprehensive disinfection of the places concerned with student activities.


A staff member of the dormitory management office of yangzhou university's thin west lake campus told red star news that the students who had been diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis had taken corresponding prevention and control measures,\" they were all treated in hospital and not in school.\"


According to public information, tuberculosis mainly spread through the respiratory tract, belong to class B infectious diseases, also known as tuberculosis and \"white plague \", is caused by tuberculosis bacteria infection of chronic infectious diseases. Mycobacterium tuberculosis can invade various organs of the human body, mainly to the lungs, causing tuberculosis.


The common symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis are cough, expectoration, if these symptoms last more than two weeks, should visit the hospital in time. Tuberculosis patients will also be accompanied by sputum with blood, low fever, night sweating, afternoon fever, chest pain, fatigue, weight loss, dyspnea and other symptoms.


Information from the CDC shows that people who live with tuberculosis patients, who work in the same room and study in the same room, are close contacts of tuberculosis patients and are likely to be infected with tuberculosis bacteria.


In accordance with the Law on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases of China, the relevant departments of the people's government, disease prevention and control institutions, medical institutions, blood collection and supply institutions and their staff who are responsible for the reporting of infectious diseases shall not conceal, falsely report or delay the reporting of infectious diseases.


In addition, the Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases in General Colleges and Universities, issued jointly by the State Health and Health Commission and the Ministry of Education, also stipulate that schools should establish a sound reporting system for infectious diseases, and report to the disease prevention and control agencies designated by the local health administration in accordance with the reporting procedures, contents and time limits required by the relevant laws and regulations such as the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, and report to the head of the school.


On the afternoon of december 31, red star news called yangzhou cdc about a number of yangzhou university students infected with pulmonary tuberculosis, asked if it had received yangzhou university tuberculosis information. \"We will report the situation on the official platform and it is not convenient for us to inform so far.\" The center's staff said tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease, manageable and treatable, without fear or credulity.


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